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The Way Successful Leaders Motivate their Teams

Not so long ago a study was carried out to try and work out what it was that genuinely motivates people at work. As part of this study a large selection of managers and their staff were asked to put

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Sales in Top 10 Professions Most Likely to Experience Depression

Not so long ago, a report on listed sales as one of the 10 professions where workers are most likely to experience depression. If you didn’t know already, depression affects about one in ten of the population – and can

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Managers – Are You Earning Less than Your Team?

During my very first sales management role, I decided that everything leaving the desks and computers of my team would be a direct reflection – with regards to customers and competitors – of the way I ran my ship. There

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How to Create a Self Sufficient Sales Team

Do members of your sales team knock on your office door and ask you questions that; They really should already know the answer to You’ve already given a similar answer to on previous occasions – or Relate to problems that

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A Member of My Sales Team Was Lap Dancing When She Should Have Been Selling

Peppered across the sales teams of my management career, there have been one or two salespeople who flagrantly abused my trust – spending their time on a variety of activities throughout the working day, rather than on the job we actually paid

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Sales Team or Manager – Who is Accountable for Results?

When business is bad, who do you think should take the responsibility for the lack of sales? Is it the fault of the sales team or the sales manager? And when you think about the phrase “The Buck Stops Here”,

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9 Ways Managers Secretly Demotivate People

Very few managers ever set out to actually demotivate a team. The night before starting a leadership or management role, most people are usually brimming with excitement. They make notes, get ready to address the troops, they’re looking forward to

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Sales Prospecting: Do or Do Not – There is No Try

When it comes to sales prospecting, I’m regularly asked to coach teams who have fallen into the lazy habit of rattling off a few of the lines below; so this week I’m going to share with you the download I’d

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Stop Trying to Sell to THAT Customer (and Help THIS One Instead)

I received quite a lot of feedback and comments with regards to my last post – These People Will Never Be Your Customers – telling me how I was wrong to use the word “never”, and that only failures wouldn’t try

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The Real Secret to Sales Success

There’s a secret to sales success – which, if you’re already doing it on a regular basis, won’t be that much of a big surprise – but that’s probably only around 5% of all the salespeople out there – so

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