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How to Bridge the Commitment Gap and Close More Deals

During the first morning of our training workshops a large percentage of delegates regularly remark; “I just want to get better at closing – that’s all I really need. If I could close more sales, everything else would fall into

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What’s the Best Way to Close a Sale?

Are there any really bad songs that you choose to listen to – over and over again – from start to finish – just because you like the way they end? I know it’s an odd question, but every time I’m asked what my favourite

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How to Engage Effectively With Potential Customers

Do you know why so many sales people fail to engage with potential customers and end up missing out on so much business? Let me share something with you that completely changed the way I sold things – and has

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The 30 Second Sales Close

Ah, the old 30 second close. No one likes to hang around any longer than they need to – get in there, get the business and get out! At the beginning of most foundation level sales training courses a large

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