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Why Being “Sold To” is Like ….. Waiting for an Operation

So there I was, sitting nervously with a small overnight bag, lovingly packed by my kids, as they waved me off, staring out of the window from the passenger seat, hoping that children couldn’t smell the fear of a grown

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How to Engage Effectively With Potential Customers

Do you know why so many sales people fail to engage with potential customers and end up missing out on so much business? Let me share something with you that completely changed the way I sold things – and has

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The Word that Delivers Perfect Customer Service

Have you ever heard of the Portuguese – Saudade? It has no direct translation in English, it describes a distinct sense of longing for something that doesn’t actually exist, and is described as an ‘emptiness’ – like someone or something

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How to Handle Angry & Disappointed Customers

Today’s quick acronym is H.A.D. – as in; “You H.A.D. Me at Hello!” Whether you’re employed as a customer service professional, or you work on the desk that receives customer service “enquiries” or you’re the engineer / expert / short-straw-puller

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