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Do We Still Need Salespeople?

Well Do We? Do We Really Still Need Salespeople? These days, you don’t have to look very far to find an article, video or book where someone is telling us that selling is no longer relevant to modern day business.  Cold calling

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The #1 Threat to Sales Team Motivation in Every Organisation

The biggest threat to team motivation in any organisation can be traced back to a single source – Lobster People You may not know it yet, but I can almost guarantee that you already work with a few – and

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Is Your Company Culture Pirate Ship or Battleship?

In my experience, sales teams appear to fall into two camps – Battleships and Pirate ships. Battleships are usually (but not always) attached to large corporate affairs, where the marketing department produces most of the presentations and sales material, budgets

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These People Are Not Your Customers

If you gather together a few hard working salespeople who can’t seem to find enough prospects – or a group of entrepreneurs who have just started their own businesses – and ask them the question;  “Who are your customers?” There’s usually a fairly substantial group who

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How to Manage 4 Groups Found in Every Team

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every salesperson we ever hired turned out to be incredibly good value for money – while constantly displaying the effort, attitude and skill set of a truly superstar sales pro? It’s been my experience that

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What Does Your Sales Team Culture Say About the Rest of Your Company?

You can tell a lot about an organisation by observing the culture across the mid-table performers within its sales team. Let’s take as an example the wine industry. If you have ever worked in the restaurant trade you will have come

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