Success in Sales -You Get What You Settle For

On this blog a while ago I posted the “30 Movie Quotes You Really Should Pay Attention to.. (if you are trying to grow your business)” – with a quiz sheet to download and articles over the following weeks giving the answers and why we thought they were important.

One of my favourites was;

“You Get What You Settle For”which was from Thelma & Louise

In his book The Secrets of Closing the Sale, the wonderful Zig Ziglar points out that;

“A sale is made on every presentation. The prospect either sells you that they can’t or won’t buy or you sell them that they can and should buy”

Sales Success - The Story of the Frog

Most of the time that comes down to how you hear the conversation you’re having with the prospect.

Let me tell you a story.

An army (for that is the name for a group) of frogs were making their way through the woods, when two of them fell down a deep hole.

When the other frogs saw how far down they’d fallen, they advised them to give up – they were as good as dead.

But for some reason, those two frogs completely ignored this helpful advice and tried to jump out.

While they were trying, the others kept shouting down to;

“throw in the towel”, “lie down peacefully and die”.

And – eventually – one of the unfortunate frogs recognised his situation,

gave up, fell down and died.

But to their surprise, the other one just kept on jumping with all his might – putting in even more effort than before.

Once again the frogs shouted down “stop torturing yourself – just accept it and die”.

After what seemed forever, with a mighty leap, he made it out.

As he pulled himself up, the other frogs asked, “Didn’t you hear what we were telling you?”

“No” he said, “I’ve had mud in my ears – I couldn’t hear a word you were saying. I thought you were shouting encouragement!”

So what do you hear when prospects bring up their objections?

Is it – I’m not convinced – I need more proof.”

or is it – “Are you joking, who would want that?”

How you feel about yourself and the thing that you’re selling will make an enormous difference to the way you hear a prospect’s concerns and objections.

Listen, unless they have no money – genuinely, no way of paying for itthen what you’ve got is either a perfect fit for them or it’s not.

Trouble is, you won’t recognise objections as opportunities with mud in your ears – or a badly developed misconception of why you’re actually there.

There’s no point getting upset with a prospect who can’t see how perfect your solution is, and you’re not helping anyone if you can’t get that fact across professionally and effectively.

It’s at that point that the prospect either sells you that they can’t or won’t buy – or you sell them that they can and should buy – and let me tell you, you’ll always end up getting what you settle for.

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