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Would Your Customers Offer You a Job?

Here’s an interesting way for you to set the bar professionally. Just imagine the unthinkable happens tomorrow – and you’re current employer just collapses, got sold, or decides to make 50% of the sales team redundant, including – (clearly) unjustifiably

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A New Year Message to Salespeople

May the charlatans and half-jobs never darken your door – but may the knowledge that they exist, drive you to reach every customer an hour before the dishonest ever get a chance to call. May you wake every morning eager

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7 Reasons Why Sales is Like … Stand-Up Comedy

“The secret to riches is the same as the secret to comedy – timing.” Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) – A Good Year 1. You’ve Got to be Fabulous, Original YOU Delivering someone else’s jokes might not be your best choice – even

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How to Engage Effectively With Potential Customers

Do you know why so many sales people fail to engage with potential customers and end up missing out on so much business? Let me share something with you that completely changed the way I sold things – and has

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The Word that Delivers Perfect Customer Service

Have you ever heard of the Portuguese – Saudade? It has no direct translation in English, it describes a distinct sense of longing for something that doesn’t actually exist, and is described as an ‘emptiness’ – like someone or something

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Questions that Help Prospects Flood You with Useful Information

Free downloads always go down quite well on these posts – so today I’ve included an absolute cracker. As sales professionals we’re supposed to be fabulous at asking great questions, finding out what customers really want – but unfortunately my

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How to Handle Angry & Disappointed Customers

Today’s quick acronym is H.A.D. – as in; “You H.A.D. Me at Hello!” Whether you’re employed as a customer service professional, or you work on the desk that receives customer service “enquiries” or you’re the engineer / expert / short-straw-puller

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