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9 Ways Managers Secretly Demotivate People

Very few managers ever set out to actually demotivate a team. The night before starting a leadership or management role, most people are usually brimming with excitement. They make notes, get ready to address the troops, they’re looking forward to

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Stop Trying to Sell to THAT Customer (and Help THIS One Instead)

I received quite a lot of feedback and comments with regards to my last post – These People Will Never Be Your Customers – telling me how I was wrong to use the word “never”, and that only failures wouldn’t try

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How to Make Every Customer Call Effective & Meaningful

There can often be some confusion with regards to what qualifies as an effective sales call. They can be mistaken for promotional, marketing or service calls – which, when required, can be incredibly useful – but tend to have completely

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LinkedIn Crashes – How Do You Sell When LinkedIn is Down?

Today LinkedIn went down for many of it’s European users – including the UK – although it appears to be working normally in the United States. A company spokesman said; “We are aware that some members have difficulties accessing our site. We are working hard

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Salespeople – Are You Really Worth Your Wages?

There are 5 questions below, which if you answer honestly, will give some indication on what effect you genuinely have on your own sales figures. To my mind there are far too many people out there, earning the well-deserved wages

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The Main Reason Sales Training Works Brilliantly – or Simply Crashes & Burns

Marketing guru Perry Marshall tells a great story regarding the reasons why the Wright Brothers succeeded in getting off the ground, while so many others came crashing down to earth. You see, the reason that Orville and Wilbur Wright were the

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Do We Still Need Salespeople?

Well Do We? Do We Really Still Need Salespeople? These days, you don’t have to look very far to find an article, video or book where someone is telling us that selling is no longer relevant to modern day business.  Cold calling

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How to Find Out What Your Customers Think

If you’ve participated in any form of group sales training with me over recent years, you will almost certainly have played The House Game.  Essentially, everyone pairs up and then sits back to back. One of the pair has a blank

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Ice Breakers to Improve Cold Calling Success

If you REALLY enjoy cold calling and never have any problems picking up the phone or getting through to the right person every time, then this one isn’t for you. However, if you want a couple of pointers to improve

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5 Ways to Uncover More New Business This Week

Start the week off properly and make sure you plan at least one these activities into your busy schedule, to ensure you definitely finish the week with more business opportunities than you started with. 1. Block Off an Hour One day this

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