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The 3 People I Will Never Work With

If you’re involved in any kind of new business development or sales, then I would always recommend that you spend some time working out the profile of your Perfect Prospect. Trouble is, it takes a lot more effort than most

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Managers – Are You Earning Less than Your Team?

During my very first sales management role, I decided that everything leaving the desks and computers of my team would be a direct reflection – with regards to customers and competitors – of the way I ran my ship. There

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Why Busy Sales Fools Don’t Become Successful Salespeople

I was brought up to be a worker – it was a family expectation. Every Saturday – from the ages of 12 to 16 – I helped deliver milk in the morning, worked at the local shoe shop during the day and did

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These People Are Not Your Customers

If you gather together a few hard working salespeople who can’t seem to find enough prospects – or a group of entrepreneurs who have just started their own businesses – and ask them the question;  “Who are your customers?” There’s usually a fairly substantial group who

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