The Tough Market Sales Strategy

Have you noticed how financial recessions have a strange regularity – a bit like waves hitting a beach?

If you’ve ever spent an hour or two during a summer holiday, standing waist-high in the sea, on a day when the waves are crashing into the rocks on either side of the bay – jumping to keep your head above the water and maintain your balance – then you probably got to a point when you thought you could almost predict when the next wave was coming.

But you never got the timing quite right, even though you could see them building on the horizon – and of course the biggest shock always comes when that huge, unexpected wave catches you and your friends unaware and knocks you all off your feet.

Which – on the beach, is thrilling and fun – but in business, that’s no fun at all.

If you take a look at the regularity of historical financial dips, it’s easy to see a system of waves.

The one that hit shore in 1930 was massive – so big they named it The Great Depression.

After that there was a series of smaller ones 1956, 1961, 1973, 1980, 1990 – and then another huge one in 2008.

There will be another one eventually of course – I don’t know when, I’m not a financial markets expert, I can’t even see if one is building on the horizon – but I’m not foolish enough to ignore that they keep on coming – in fact I’ve felt the impact of the 3 most recent crashes personally.
And that last one was more than 10 years ago.

When the late, great Jim Rohn was asked by a group of international business leaders what the next 10 years would bring, he replied;

“I can tell you exactly what’s going to happen. Based on the people I know and based on my life’s experience, I‘ve concluded that in the coming ten years it’s going to be like it’s always been.
The tide comes in, and then what? That’s right…it goes out. It’s been that way for at least six thousand years of recorded history, and probably for much longer than that. It gets light and then it turns dark. The next season after autumn is always winter.
True some winters are long and some are short; some are difficult and some are easy. But they always come after autumn.”

But there’s a positive marine-based business analogy too;

A rising tide lifts all boats

Because, it’s true, when things get better economically – absolutely everyone benefits.

I witnessed loads of mediocre business people do incredibly well between 1998 and 2006, just because they were riding that particular tide.

Which reminds me of another piece of great advice from Jim Rohn – when he shared his Ant Philosophy;

“Ants think Winter all Summer – and Ants think Summer all Winter”

Being prepared for the good times, while getting ready to make it through the hard times even though the sun’s shining bright.

With regards to Sales – and Business in general – there are a number of true, undisputable principles.

Simple, fashionable techniques can be easily learned and discarded, but principles are there to be understood and absorbed. Principles are what you build your life around.

I’ve spent the last four years polishing and perfecting my explanation of some of those principles so that I can break down and share how they can effect sales growth – even during tough times and difficult markets.

And this isn’t theory, these principles have been applied by myself and others at the frontline.

I’ve had incredible success with a number of clients who had genuine (and desperate) business growth requirements – and together we achieved some jaw-dropping results.

More than that – it’s laid a foundation for continuous growth for them (and me).

I’ve found 3 specific points in the sales process, that if given the correct amount of focus, will easily uncover new sales opportunities and help you smash your next sales target – and continue to do so.

If you’re interested in finding out what those three points are, I’m running a FREE 45 minute webinar this Friday – June 14th, that’s going to help develop your customer attraction and sales systems – and create a comprehensive strategy to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

But webinar platforms on scale aren’t free to use – which is why I will be limiting attendance to just 100 places.

So, if you want to attend and haven’t booked your place yet, make sure you click on the link below and register your interest now.

The “3 Simple Actions that Will Transform Your Sales Success Forever” Webinar

Just to confirm – it’s taking place at lunch time (GMT) on Friday 14th June 2019 – and it’s completely free to attend.

Here’s a taste of what else I’ll be covering…
=> How to focus on the part of the sales process that’s currently letting you down

=> A customer attraction technique that delivered a (previously unwinnable) $500K contract to one of my private clients in less than 2 months

=> The way to close more deals, more profitable, more often

I look forward to welcoming you on the 14th June

And here’s to riding that next wave safely and successfully

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