5 Ways to Uncover More New Business This Week

Start the week off properly and make sure you plan at least one these activities into your busy schedule, to ensure you definitely finish the week with more business opportunities than you started with.

Becoming More Successful

1. Block Off an Hour

One day this week just block off an hour – and promise yourself that you’re going to turn off your phone and log out of your emails so they won’t appear on your screen. Does that make you feel nervous and uneasy? Well get over it, focus on business development 100% for one hour this week and you’re doing something terribly wrong if you don’t find an opportunity. However, carry on mixing it up with all the other fluff that fills your day – and you might just miss it.

2. Sell Brilliantly to (Just) One Massive Prospect

Forget about the big picture, cut out all the noise, ignore all the other nagging jobs and give your focus to one major prospect for as long as it takes.

Concentrate on your biggest, juiciest, genuine opportunity and then give yourself at least half a day to come up with the perfect plan, proposal and strategy to turn them from prospect to major client.

3. Put Your Ideal Prospects Job Title Into LinkedIn Search

Let’s say your customer base is mostly made up of Bar Managers – and you need to find more of them. Go to the search box at the top of the LinkedIn navigation bar, click on “People” in the drop down menu and then type in “Bar Manager”.

When you get to the search results type in your desired city in the location box and click on “2nd Connections”.

Fill your boots.

4. Carry a Prospecting Letter Around With You

Write yourself a prospecting letter template. Leave the space where “Dear Prospect” would be at the top of the page blank.

Say everything you need to say in a single paragraph – who you are, why you do what you do, how you help people just like them.

Sign it with your best pen, pop it in an envelope, keep a few of them in your bag.

When you come out of your next appointment you’ll probably walk past at least one prospects office on your way back to the car or train.

Look up your contacts details by entering the job title and company name into LinkedIn (see above) – use the same pen as you signed your name with to write their first name at the top of the letter and full name on the front of the envelope – and hand it in at reception. (If you can’t find them on LinkedIn – ask the person on reception who the letter should be addressed to)

Call them the next day to book an appointment or log appropriately into your pipeline.

5. Telephone 5 People You’ve Never Spoken to Before

Find 5 people you’d really like to have an appointment with.

Now – work out exactly why you want to speak with them and work out why they’d want to speak with you. Go over those reasons so deeply and so often until you believe that not ringing them would be a huge mistake.

When you’ve reached that point – call them up and explain why you’d like to talk to them and why they should talk to you – and then ask them for an appointment.


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