Salespeople – Are You Really Worth Your Wages?

There are 5 questions below, which if you answer honestly, will give some indication on what effect you genuinely have on your own sales figures.

Sales Team Salaries

To my mind there are far too many people out there, earning the well-deserved wages of someone who has had a positive impact on the continuous prosperity and profitability of their company – but whose wages are actually only affordable because of the continued prosperity and profitability of their company.

Subtle difference in words – huge impact on business

Funnily enough, I know a few dentists who would score higher than some professional salespeople on these next 5 questions – and yet, they would never consider themselves to have the skills or confidence required to deliver the results that a professional salesperson would be expected to achieve in the same situation.

Odd then, that so many salespeople – who don’t really have any effect on customer choice or end of year sales figures – believe that they are ultimately responsible (and take most of the credit) for the success of entire companies.

Take a look at the questions below and rate yourself – honestly – by scoring:

2 for YES, ALWAYS:


0 for NO, NEVER

1. If no one did your job, would prospects and customers decide to stop buying from your company?

2. Would YOU happily buy your children’s medical insurance or organise your mother’s nursing home requirements with a salesperson who treats their customers in exactly the same way that you treat your prospects and customers from beginning to end?

3. Can you explain to prospects why you are a better alternative than lower priced competitors?

4. If you were aware that someone would definitely benefit from your product or service – but they’d convinced themselves that they don’t want what you’re selling – should they still be a classed as a prospect?

5. Before presenting and selling your product or service as the cure do you seek to fully understand the customer’s symptoms (pain, underlying problems, needs)?


10 Points – Yep, you’re in sales and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what that actually means to you and your potential customers – nice to meet you.

7 – 9 Points – Clearly, your job involves some real sales work, and by the look of it – you’re really quite good at what you do. But be honest with yourself – which question didn’t you like the look of (and why)?

4 – 6 Points –Two possibilities here; You’re either doing the best you can and would like someone to help you get a little better or your “company brand” sells itself and you’re just simply facilitating its movement.

1- 3 Points – Once again, two possibilities; You’re either doing the very best you can and would really, really like someone to help you improve or you thought sales was an easier option than getting a real job and didn’t understand most of the questions.

0 Points – Three possibilities this time: You’re either a conman, have no idea what your job actually entails or just decided to read this article out of idle curiosity.

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