Free Sales Prospecting Email Series

I’ve just finished putting together a series of 12 articles focusing solely on Sales Prospecting – that include;


  • What it takes to build a steady sales pipeline

  • Working out how many suspect and prospect leads you’ll need to hit your target

  • An explanation of Trigger Events – what they are and why they’re useful

  • Building a targeted prospect list

  • The truth about 21st Century sales prospecting

Let me ask you this question – and please be brutally honest with your answer:

Are you trying to find a short cut, a trick, a technique or some kind of magic bullet that will bring an avalanche of easy-to-win business and prospects pouring down into your sales pipeline?

Here’s the problem with that – Most “tricks” only bring in the kind of business everyone else can get – and often they’re not the kind of ideas that will allow you to go and visit anybody twice.

And most of the time – they don’t work at all.

If you put me on the spot and asked me to share the 3 secrets of sales success, I’d say;

  • Start helping people instead of selling AT them
  • Become evangelical about your product or service – and

And the reason is this;

Those are the 3 things that 80% of the sales industry have no idea how to achieve.

Effective Sales Prospecting is not a trick.

Yes, there are some techniques you can learn and shortcuts that can be taken – but to be truly effective, they all need to be backed up with structure, strategy and a deep understanding of the subject gained from hard won experience.

And I’ve put all that experience into this free email series

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