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Successful Sales Club Podcast Series

Chris Murray is the bestselling author of a number of books including The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club and Selling with EASE – and an internationally recognized expert on sales and sales team management.

On the Extremely Successful Sales Club Podcast, Chris interviews the top names in sales and business development from all over the world, with a single aim;

To create 30 minutes of entertaining content that’s going to help salespeople become more successful tomorrow than they were yesterday

Sales Leadership Email Series

We’ve put together this series of emails and articles to help those who manage sales teams – people just like you – to become outstanding Sales Leaders.

Topics include – What you and your team should really be focusing on; Making sure the whole team works to make your life as easy as possible; How to motivate people to over deliver; Coaching the entire team to greater things and how to confidently conduct staff discipline procedures in a professional (and legal) manner


The 12 Week Sales Prospecting Email Series


12 articles focusing solely on Sales Prospecting.

Topics include – What it takes to build a steady sales pipeline; How to work out how many suspect and prospect leads you’ll need to hit your target; An explanation of Trigger Events; How to build a targeted prospect list and the truth about 21st Century sales prospecting