The 3 Numbers that Really Need Your Focus

I decided to create a “mini-course” for you which highlights some of the most important pieces of my “FAME for Sales Managers” methodology.

Now, if you are new to FAME, you need to know that the term has nothing to do with becoming a celebrity. Although, when you put the tips you’re about to discover to work, that might well happen within your industry:-)

My FAME Sales Management system is made up of 4 essential parts.

First off, the F in FAME stands for Focus. You’ve got to make sure that you point yourself and your sales team in the right direction – with pinpoint accuracy – and I’m going to reveal how you can do that.

Second, you need to step back and consider who is ACCOUNTABLE for achieving certain tasks and targets.

Most sales managers that I meet think they’ve got this one down – but many are just working themselves to death while the team bobble along at 50% capacity without a care in the world – you can use the simple exercise I’m going to give you to make sure that doesn’t end up being you.

Third, you’ve not only got to understand what actually MOTIVATES a 21st Century Sales Team, you also have to erase the things that will actively demotivate them too. The video I’m going to share with you will explain how to avoid one of the biggest threats to creating a happy, motivated sales team in virtually every company I’ve ever worked with.

Finally – the E in FAME stands for Education – which includes coaching and improving the team as well as getting the discipline side of things right.

So, on Day 4 I’m going reveal a simple truth about sales coaching that will help keep your team on track to hit this year’s target – and beat it again next year.

Throughout this week you’re going to learn how to focus your team on achieving the results you want to see, make sure they take on full responsibly for doing so, keep them motivated to consistently deliver their best work and pick up a few hints on how to make sure that they’re continuously improving.

When you put those four pieces together, you get a complete management system that can double your effectiveness and enable your team to exceed the results you need to see.

So, here’s a simple exercise that will help improve the sales teams focus (on what really matters) and start to improve their result in just under ten minutes.

Best way to do this, is to ask yourself these simple questions before you pose them to your team – just to make sure you have the answers and you can help any who get a bit stuck and then during a sales meeting or coaching session, ask them to individually write down the answers to each of these questions – only help when completely necessary.

Quick Exercise to Focus the Sales Team’s Efforts

1. What is each salesperson’s individual annual target?

2. How many prospects can each member of your sales team comfortably look after – from the start to the end of the sales process in 12 months? Not rushing or taking it easy – but looking after each prospect properly and not missing any opportunities?

3. If they looked after that many prospects properly – how many would become paying customers – how many would we close? What percentage would it be; 1 in 10? 1 in 5? 1 in 3?

4. When you have that number – what is the average amount of business required from each of those prospects to ensure they hit target?

Work it out by dividing the target figure by the number of expected customers

Now ask the team if that is that the size of opportunity and number of prospects that they are currently calling on?

That simple exercise can refocus the team like you wouldn’t believe – and I can guarantee that 80% of them have never thought that deeply about the importance of those 3 simple figures.

Here’s the next challenge, even the most exceptional sales manager, with the most focused agenda, can end up exhausted and missing target if they spend all their time on activities that were the responsibility of other people.

So, in part 2, which you’ll receive tomorrow, I’ll be explaining why this sentence will help change the way you organise your to-do-list forever.

“Your sales team should be making your job as easy as possible”

To your success


Chris Murray


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At the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Work out how to focus on the real tasks that need to be achieved – and find a way to ensure every member of their team is doing that too.
  • Create a culture where every member of the team understands that they are accountable and responsible for their own success – and recognise exactly what that makes them accountable for.
  • Genuinely motivate people to over deliver -and even more importantly – learn how to make sure you don’t demotivate them.
  • Coach the entire team to greater things – learn how to give them a net of their own rather than continuously feeding them individual fish.
  • Feel competent and confident enough to conduct staff discipline in a professional (and legal) manner.


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