Overcoming Objections – #4 Scepticism


All Sales Objections fall into one of four camps.

And because they stopped the flow of a wonderful running sales conversation – I’ve named those four problems DAMS.

The fourth one – the S in DAMS – stands for SCEPTICISM.

Very simply – SCEPTICISM says;

“I Don’t Believe You!”

To overcome SCEPTICISM – you need to introduce some kind of  PROOF – you have to make a PROOF STATEMENT, or produce a PROOF DOCUMENT – something like a testimonial, a review, or an industry award.

The great Zig Ziglar – the amazing American sales trainer, created a way of overcoming SCEPTICISM brilliantly – he called it;


When I discovered – FEEL, FELT, FOUND – about 25 years ago, it changed my sales life.

I was selling photocopies at the time and people would say something like;

“I don’t want this because…”

That’s when I would introduce Zig Zigler’s – FEEL, FELT, FOUND – it works like this.

FEEL – “I understand why you FEEL that way.”

FELT – “Mr. Smith – another customer of mine – FELT that way too.”

FOUND – “But what he FOUND was – this thing happened!”

And what’s great about – FEEL, FELT, FOUND – is that it enables you to make your point to the customer without making them look foolish for getting their facts wrong – you say;

“I understand why you FEEL that way,”

and the customer goes;

“Thank you very much. I thought I was right.”

And then you say;

“Because another customer FELT that way too.”

And the customer says;

“Not only am I right, but you have proof that I’m right.”

And then you say;

“But what they found was the opposite – and actually – you’re wrong.”

The great thing about – FEEL, FELT FOUND – is that it’s a really polite way of introducing your proof statement – and getting you’re point across – without making anybody feel stupid.


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