It’s Not What You Sell – It’s How You Sell It

Every now and then, I’ll be in a room with a group of salespeople who tell me that their life would be so much easier if…..

  • The quality of their product or service was better than it is

  • The boffins in New Product Development created something a bit more cutting edge

  • The competition would give them a job – so they could go and sell something decent

But more often than not, – their product or service is perfectly fine – it’s THEIR ABILITY to sell what they’ve got that’s letting them down.

Or more precisely – It’s the WAY they’re selling it that’s the problem

One of the 8 secrets laid out by Felix Dennis in his fabulous book How to Get Rich is;

“Ignore ‘great ideas’. Concentrate on great execution.”

OK – That’s a pretty massive statement for most salespeople to get their head round – I mean, where do you start? 

Well – to help make it a little clearer – I’ve put together an example using Rock Bands.

In the diagram below there are four quadrants – with axis headed “ideas” and “execution” (on a scale of regular to great) – and populated with a selection of world famous music acts and legendary rock bands.

Now – unfortunately – I’m probably going to end up with more comments from disgruntled rock fans with regards to where I’ve placed their childhood heroes between “Regular” and “Great” than I am about the actual message I’m trying to get across here.

But before you start telling me off because the Beatles might have been more creative than Rush, let me tell you this;

They’re all just in boxes to prove a point – the point isn’t anything to do with Rock God classification – the point is this;

It doesn’t necessarily matter what you’re selling – it’s the way you sell it that makes all the difference to your results.

Now don’t get me wrong – selling tat that doesn’t work is never a long term career move – but neither is playing crap music.

Same result – no one buys it.

But the thing is, you can still be extremely successful with something that “gets the job done“.

You see, the major thing that all those bands have in common (drum roll please) is;

Great Execution.

They knew how to sell what they had to sell.

They looked great, they sounded great, they perfected their personas and external perception (whether true or not), they got out there and got themselves in front of the right people and they practised until their fingers bled.

And let me tell you – no one with a truly successful music career could ever be correctly placed on  the “Regular Execution” side of this matrix.

So what does great execution look like with regards to a successful sales career?

Well it’s definitely not PowerPoint animation trickery or witty banter during a corporate golf day.

It’s Value!

Value for YOU, value for your EMPLOYERS and value for you CUSTOMERS.

Value for Your Customers

Understand why people buy what you sell and then talk about – and deliver – that. Earn the right to be there, perfect your external perception (whether true or not), get yourself in front of people you can help – and help them.

Value for Your Employers

You’re either helping them grow and stay in business or you’re in the way – keep bringing a bigger stick back with your tail wagging – and most will be happy enough to retain your services.

Value for You

Become the person you want to become and work towards the goals in your life that you truly want to achieve.

I mean – surely – this precious, unrepeatable, glorious life – YOUR LIFE – deserves someone (and that means YOU) to EXECUTE it with all the GREATNESS they can muster – doesn’t it?

Listen – You might not be playing your version of Webley Stadium yet – but absolutely no one ever started there – and in reality, overnight successes are all hiding years of unseen sweat and graft from public view.

The road to embracing Great Execution starts like this…


Take a deep breath

Decide what you want to become

Get the right advice

Point yourself in the right direction

Start Moving Forward


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