Foundation Sales Training

This two-day workshop is designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive introduction to the Selling with EASE process and shows how a thorough understanding of the four major steps – Earn the Right, Ask the Appropriate Questions, Solve the Problem and Execute the Solution – can help them to succeed in all genuine sales situations.

So if your team would benefit from being able to; 

  • Explain the reasons behind customers buying decisions
  • Define customer buying motives
  • Understand why features aren’t the solution to a prospects problem
  • Explain why setting themselves best vs. tolerable outcome targets is important
  • Demonstrate a high level of questioning and listening techniques
  • Use real life examples and case studies to sell concepts and solutions
  • Effectively overcome objections
  • Understand the process and importance of closing a sale
  • Demonstrate different techniques for closing a sale

Then this is the sales training workshop you’ve been looking for.

 Behavioural Outcomes



“We’re up against the competition”

“We’re clearly the customers best choice”

“I couldn’t make them see how we could help”

 “I adapted my approach to succeed”

“How do I sell the customer this spade”

 “How does the customer want to dig this hole?”

“Everything has ground to a halt”

 “I’ve organised everything to keep moving forward”

“I ask questions to sell”

 “I can ask questions that help people buy”

“I wasn’t ready for that” 

“I have an example of exactly that”

 “I’ve got a couple of sure-fire closing techniques”

The customer asks “How do we move forward?”

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If you would prefer to book a Sales Training Workshop for an individual rather than an in-house training course for an entire team you’ll find everything you need over at our Open Sales Training Workshop Page by following this link – or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as one of our trainers is free.

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