Sales Training for Kitchen & Bathroom Designers

Welcome to the ultimate destination for Sales Training specifically tailored for Kitchen and Bathroom Designers.

If you’re considering partnering with an external sales training expert, you’re in the right place. We understand how unique this industry and your customers are, and we’re excited to announce the launch of our training programs designed to help your team achieve the results you desire.

At Lucrum House, we pride ourselves on delivering practical and effective training.

We don’t just focus on theory; our training consistently produces real-world results.

We understand that every business faces its own set of challenges, and your kitchen and bathroom design business is no exception. That’s why we believe your training and professional development should be as unique as your company.

Why Choose Our Sales Training for Your Kitchen and Bathroom Design Team?

Our Sales Training program is specially crafted to empower your team to excel in their roles. Here’s how our training can benefit your team:

1. Guide Prospective Clients to Informed Decisions

Our training equips your team with the skills needed to understand the motives driving your customers’ purchasing decisions. This knowledge enables them to guide clients to the right choices, every time.

2. Define Customer Interest and Gain Commitment

We teach your team how to gauge your customers’ level of interest and, more importantly, how to secure their commitment throughout the sales process. This helps in building trust and long-lasting relationships.

3. Uncover Real Wants and Needs

Exceptional questioning and listening skills are at the core of our training. Your team will learn to uncover your customers’ genuine wants and needs, ensuring that your design solutions perfectly match their preferences.

4. Effectively Sell Concepts and Solutions

Real-life examples and case studies are incorporated into our training, enabling your team to convey concepts and solutions effectively. This practical approach leads to better customer understanding and conversion.

5. Master the Art of Closing a Sale

Your team will gain an in-depth understanding of the sales closing process and its critical importance. Closing sales will become a seamless part of their sales approach.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about our Sales Training programs:

  • James Kalozois, Studio Manager – Norman Glenn Kitchens (London):

“Chris has given me great tools to consider and use in my daily interactions with customers. All parts of the training have applicable elements to our job roles. Every member of the team was included regularly, which kept us engaged throughout.”

  • Paola Rivas, North East Regional Sales Director – Poggenpohl USA:

“I really enjoyed your workshop. You delivered positive energy, motivation, great information. I leave very happy and looking forward to the next training.”

  • Yaoying Huang – Venegas and Company (Boston):

“Excellent workshop – really changed the way I thought.”

  • Victoria Fellows, Global Account Manager – Herman Miller (UAE):

“A truly insightful experience and course, I couldn’t recommend it enough.”

  • Cheryl Carpenter, Designer / Studio Manager – Poggenpohl (Houston):

“Exceeded my expectations. Made it fun, not just talked at for 2 days. It was refreshing that you have an understanding about what we actually do, besides just sell.”

  • Mick Ricereto – Poggenpohl (Philadelphia):

“Definitely engaging; conversational style is easy to digest. I think Chris tailored the content nicely to what we do / our category of business; lots of useful tools. I like the fun attitude in general.”

  • Bertie Van Wyk – Herman Miller:

“Just brilliant! It’s changed my whole approach to sales.”

  • Garcia Taborda – Poggenpohl (New York):

“The presentation style is great, very pleased with the pace and flow. Enjoyed and surprised about the sales training method. So different and easy. Chris’ knowledge and references during presentation are memorable.”

Meet the Expert Behind the Training

Leading our Sales Training programs is Chris Murray, a renowned expert in the field.

Chris has created all the content for our sales training workshops and masterclasses. He’s not just an expert; he’s also an inspirational speaker, author, and business coach. He delivers training workshops and keynote speeches to hundreds of people worldwide every year.

Chris’s books include international best-sellers like “Selling with EASE,” “The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club,” and his latest release, “Five Point Prospecting.” His passion lies in helping businesses grow their sales and ensuring their teams become better tomorrow than they were yesterday.

Our international client list includes esteemed names such as Aggreko, Poggenpohl, Spectrum Brands, Lixar, the NHS, SKY, Pearson, Carlsberg, Schoeller Allibert, Molson Coors, Herman Miller, Spacio Tempo, Bauer, and Egencia.

Chris’s expertise is widely recognised. He has been hailed as ‘The World’s Number One Sales Coach’ by the Sales Innovation Expo, listed in LinkedIn’s Top 40 ‘Global Sales Experts to Follow,’ and named one of Thomson Reuters’ Top 30 ‘International Sales Experts and Influencers.’

Chris also regularly contributes to articles for renowned institutions, magazines, and websites, including Winning Edge, Training Magazine Europe, The Sales Pro,, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and USA Today.

Lucrum House is at the forefront of innovative training and development. We specialise in tailored and bespoke programs that offer a wide range of business solutions. Our ethos is simple: we deliver sales, management, and customer service training that really works.

Not in theory and not just sometimes, but training that consistently produces real-world results.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Proven Expertise: With Chris Murray as our course leader, you can rest assured that your team is learning from the best in the industry.
  2. Customised Training: We understand that your industry is unique. Our training programs are tailored to meet the specific challenges of kitchen and bathroom designers.
  3. Real-World Results: Our focus is on practical, actionable training. We don’t just provide theories; we equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.
  4. International Reach: Our client list spans the globe, and our training is designed to meet the needs of businesses worldwide.
  5. Renowned Publications: Chris’s books and contributions to leading publications showcase his expertise and thought leadership.

If you’re looking to elevate your kitchen and bathroom design business, invest in the future of your team with our Sales Training program. Contact us today to discuss how our training can empower your team to achieve outstanding success in the competitive world of kitchen and bathroom design.

With Lucrum House, you’re not just getting training; you’re getting results. Join us on the journey to sales success!