“If I had better prospects, I could easily close more deals!”

When clients tell me that they need to grow their business, I find the best place to start is with the diagram on the right.

Whatever’s blocking growth can always be cleared by focusing on just one of these 3 sections at a time.

And, if you or your sales team say things like;

“If I had better prospects, I could easily close more deals!”

then their problem sits in the PRESENTATIONS section.

If you sell your product or service with an online sales team – you are probably trying to book more DEMO’S with your potential client base.

On the other hand, if your business model is traditional retail – then you will be looking to increase FOOTFALL into your store.

And when companies offer Business-to-Business products or services – the sales team usually wants to get a diary full of FACE to FACE meetings.

If your sales team are making statements that point you towards the PRESENTATION circle, then they need to up their game regarding their professional SALES PROSPECTING skills and almost certainly require a deeper understanding of 21st century CUSTOMER ATTRACTION TECHNIQUES.

The days of sales teams who sit and wait for their employers to just hand over top notch leads are pretty much over.

Almost every part of confirming the order from customers can now be automated or outsourced for pennies.

So, everyone who has SALES or BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT on their CV needs to be able to continuously grow, maintain and develop their portfolio from this moment on – including the management team.

Standing still – managing the status quo – will no longer be good enough

And RIGHT NOW – there isn’t a business on earth who can afford to employ sales people who don’t deliver the appropriate return on investment

It’s at times like this that you need something to amplify your message – to bring prospects and customers out of woodwork so that you know who and where they are.

That’s why we developed our Small Group LinkedIn Article Writing Webinar 

Everyone who joins me on this webinar spends 90 minutes, working step by step through my article creation template, to write their very own personal customer attracting article

There are only ever 4 people on each webinar and we…

  • Work through the same article template that got a client a seat at the table for a previously “unwinnable” account – and then close a £2 million contract
  • Write an article live on the day – and then I show them how to structure it so that it pulls prospects towards them
  • After that I organise an additional 15 minute private consultation with each person to help polish the article to perfection

So, do you need compelling content and a proven structure that’ll keep your prospects reading right to the end and then take action?

We were oversubscribed last week – so we’ve decided to do it all again next week



“If you are involved in sales and would like to be more effective on LinkedIn then this is a fantastic programme. I participated last week and found it engaging and highly motivating. Great value for money as well.”

Adrian Leatherland – Director – Aero BD