3 Sales Mistakes that No One Should be Making

Not so long ago we decided to have new windows in the house.

Sales Mistakes of aa Window Salesman

Now, I know that double-glazing sales people get a hard time, so before I start, apologies to all the good ones out there.

I decided to make appointments with representatives from 3 companies.

Two didn’t turn up – at all – I even tried to call to see where they were – no one knew, no one really seemed to be genuinely bothered or surprised.

So the third arrives, he doesn’t know it, but all he has to do is be polite and give me a decent quote and the business is his.

First thing he says, is that the area I live in is very nice and that we all must have a bit of money.

I already feel that he’s lining me up to rip me off.

So, slightly taken aback I show him in and as he steps into the light, I recognise the fashion sense so popular in certain sales circles – without a word it says; Forgive my attire, I spent the evening on a bench and haven’t had time to shave or wash!”

Anyway, I really need new windows so let’s give him a chance.

He takes a seat inside and while I’m discussing my requirements, he starts to flick through my DVD collection.

“You’ve got two sets of the Star Wars Trilogy.”

“Yes, but one of them is in French.”

“That’s odd!”

“No, I’m trying to improve my French and I know the dialogue inside out, so it makes it more enjoya… can we talk about my windows?”

“Is that your family on the wall?”

That last comment gave me a slight chill and also reservations about allowing him to measure my children’s bedrooms from the inside – but – I do need those windows.

He measures, he explains, he presents, he huffs and he puffs.

He spreads himself down on an armchair in a way that made me extremely grateful that he wasn’t wearing a kilt.

Eventually he gives me a quote, it’s within my budget – but I push for discount, which I get.


“All you have to do,” I sayis get this down on paper as an official quote and you’ve got a deal!”

Don’t worry,” he relies “I’ll be back.”

And I never saw or heard from him ever again.

After a week I called the company, they didn’t have my quote on record, but they could send someone else out if I wanted.

I declined their kind offer.

So – here are 3 ways to ensure you never become THAT guy;

1. The Mirror Test

They used to say in the music business that;

“If you look in the mirror and wouldn’t sleep with yourself, don’t go on stage!”

My sales version is this;

“If you look in the mirror and YOU wouldn’t buy off YOU; you’re not ready to try to sell to anyone else.”

2. Recognise How Sales Situations Make Customers Feel

Putting people at their ease may be part of your job, but remember this;

If they’re in their own home or workplace – they already feel comfortable with the environment – it’s YOU they need to feel at ease with.

This will happen if you act professionally, while demonstrating high levels of competence and expertise – and then focus the discussion on the problem you’re there to solve.

Once they believe you are trustworthy, the conversation will become lighter all by itself.

3. Don’t Lose Sales that People are Practically Throwing at You

Many people don’t get the sale that’s waiting for them simply because they;

  • Forget about it and move on to the next shiny opportunity
  • Can’t be bothered to do the paperwork
  • Leave it so long they’re embarrassed to get back in touch

If you suffer from any or all of the above, they are easily put right, it’s mostly a spot of personal discipline.

But here’s the thing;

I reckon most salespeople see themselves as “professional” – and yet, out of all the thousands of sales people I meet every year – 80% of them would benefit from adopting at least one of the ideas above.


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