3 Questions to Make Your Sales Pipeline Boil Over

There is a wise old saying that tells us “A Watched Kettle Never Boils”.

Boiling Sales Pipeline

But I reckon if you watch a plugged-in – switched on – kettle long enough and it doesn’t boil

Your Kettle is Probably Broken.

The phrase originated before electricity of course, but it was still nonsense back then.

If your kettle wasn’t boiling, your fire clearly wasn’t burning hot enough or the kettle was too far away from the heat.

Watching it neither warmed it up nor cooled it down.

Here are a few pieces of modern ‘sales wisdom’ doing the rounds – you may have heard a few recently yourself;

There’s no business out there

Nobody’s buying

These days, you just can’t get through to the decision maker

Customers never return our calls

No one is attracting prospects like they used to

It’s not about value; it’s all down to price.”

“It’s the wrong time of year.”

If you hear these lines – or spout any of them yourself – take two minutes to answer these next 3 questions and where appropriate, pose them to your team;

  • Something needs correcting to improve the quality of the leads in our pipeline – what kind of material will burn best and light this fire?

  • Once we get the fire going – how do we keep the pipeline bubbling over – what do we do to keep this fire burning continuously and brightly?

  • If our fire is burning fiercely – what should we do with the kettle? Do we want to increase the number of kettles we’re boiling – or – do we want to get closer to the heat and improve productivity with the kettles we’ve already got?

I challenge you to answer those three questions with solutions that you can implement immediately and without blaming the marketing department even once.



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