Account Management Training

The step from pure sales to competent account management can be a little daunting for some and rarely fully understood by most.

Therefore, empowering individuals to change their mind-set from sales account managers to free thinking commercial entrepreneurs, requires an even greater leap out of their comfort zone.

To achieve this, we created the REAL Account Management programme which focuses on four major areas;

Recognise The needs of the business and the real role of the account manager
Evaluate Our current customer base, prospect list, category and planning process
Act On our plans, the sales process and required resources
Learn From what we’ve done, sharpen the axe and move forward

 At this end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the different mind-set required to move from a pure sales role into a senior account management position
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of their entire portfolio & where opportunities lie
  • Recognise how to make the best use of their valuable time
  • Discuss methods customers might use to rate suppliers
  • Produce Business Plans for chosen accounts that identify why they are worth developing, how to develop them and with what resources
  • Develop creative but practical solutions
  • Create impact and embed themselves as a trusted, primary supplier in a long-term, profitable relationship



Start the process and make progress

Start with the end in mind

All opportunities are equal

 My time is spent where it has the greatest impact 

It’s just the next step

I recognise what’s required 



I manage it how I’m measured

 I constantly deliver more than was expected 

If you would prefer to book a Sales Training Workshop for an individual rather than an in-house training course for an entire team you’ll find everything you need over at our Open Sales Training Workshop Page by following this link – or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as one of our trainers is free.

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