“The marketing department aren’t creating enough interest”

When clients tell me that they need to grow their business, I find the best place to start is with the diagram on the right.

Whatever’s blocking growth can always be cleared by focusing on just one of these 3 sections at a time.

So, if you hear your sales team say things like;

“The Marketing Department aren’t creating enough leads

then their problem sits in the PRESENTATIONS section.

If all your business flows through your website (like Amazon) then you’ll need to improve VISITS – although this type of transaction rarely involves any form of sales team.

If you sell your product or service with an online sales team – you are probably trying to book more DEMO’S with your potential client base.

On the other hand, if your business model is traditional retail – then you will be looking to increase FOOTFALL into your store.

And when companies offer Business-to-Business products or services – the sales team usually wants to get a diary full of FACE to FACE meetings.

If your sales team are making statements that point you towards the PRESENTATION circle, then they need to up their game regarding their professional SALES PROSPECTING skills and almost certainly require a deeper understanding of 21st century customer attraction techniques.

Your team will need to understand the prospecting cycle – from start to finish – and be able to draw you an outline of their of their perfect customer profile, explain their strategy for becoming commercially attractive – and then know who to call, when to call them and what to say when they do.

Action Points for Your Next Team Meeting

Help your team to;

  • Understand their personal sales targets and the size of opportunities they should be calling on to ensure the targets are hit in the time frame required
  • Develop a prospecting and business development plan to help them build their pipeline
  • Calculate the number of leads they need to achieve their targets
  • Identify Key Players within target accounts
  • Create a varied toolbox for recognising – and attracting – genuine business opportunities
  • Build targeted prospect lists

And then ensure they leave with a step-by-step Prospecting Plan

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