Management Training

The FAME Management Training Programme was created to develop anyone involved in a leadership or management function, by equipping them with all the tools required to become a successful, modern-day manager.

We introduce the foundations of effective leadership, highlighting their responsibility to achieve results through other people and developing key skills such as effective delegation, good communication and an understanding of what motivates and de-motivates individuals and teams.

So if you – or members of your team – need to be able to;

  • Work out how to focus on the real tasks that need to be achieved – and find a way to ensure every member of their team is doing that too.
  • Create a culture where every member of the team understands that they are accountable and responsible for their own success – and recognise exactly what that makes them accountable for.
  • Genuinely motivate people to over deliver -and even more importantly – learn how to make sure you don’t demotivate them.
  • Coach the entire team to greater things – learn how to give them a net of their own rather than continuously feeding them individual fish.
  • Feel competent and confident enough to conduct staff discipline in a professional (and legal) manner.

Then these workshops are definitely what you’ve been looking for.

If you would prefer to book a Management Training Workshop for an individual rather than an in-house training course for an entire team you’ll find everything you need over at our Open Management Workshop Page by following this link

Other pages you may find useful:

Introduction to Management

Coaching Skills for Managers

Discipline in the Workplace

We’ve detailed a selection of comments below from people who have recently attended a course or workshop and also from the people who asked us to put the training together.

“I had the great opportunity to attend the ‘Sales Manager Guide to achieving FAME’ workshop. The insightful techniques and resources delivered have allowed me to re-engage our sales population when supporting them on coaching and sales skills, and re-energised my approach to training. Chris has an invaluable wealth of knowledge on the subject that shines through his great anecdotes and insights – this made for a very enjoyable day”

Tom Royle – Retail Trainer, Learning and Development at Mamas & Papas

“I recently attended a FAME Sales Management Workshop which discussed the four major elements of sales management and touched on all the major steps of the process. I would highly recommend Chris and this course to everyone who is interested in gaining a valuable insight into Sales Management. I certainly left with a great deal of knowledge and new ideas that I will be implementing immediately.”

Cengiz Avci – European Sales Director at The Paper Cup Company

“I attended the Varda Kreuz Sales Management course and I have got to say, it was a well worthwhile experience. Chris’s knowledge and expertise in this area has given me loads of ideas to introduce to my current management role. I’m looking forward to putting them into practice, from today.”

Tony Binch – Sales Manager at GED

“I found the Sales Managers guide to FAME not only inspiring but also easy to follow. A simple but effective course that you can use in your day to day duties. I would definitely recommend Chris to all of you that need more input from your team management & in return you will with no doubt see better results from your sales teams.”

Clare Fletcher – Key Account Manager at CKS

“Provided thought-provoking content and made us think about what matters to us and our business without putting us on the spot. Would recommend Chris and Varda Kreuz Training to anyone looking to develop in Sales and Sales Management”

David Powell – Director at Touchretail

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