Free Sales Email Series for “Non-Sales” People

I often hear specialists in certain fields say things like;

“Just because I look after customers doesn’t mean I’m IN sales.”

and – “Selling skills aren’t as important as real expertise.”

or – “Business development was never part of my Master’s Degree.”

And the reason is a simple one.

Even though they are responsible for the BIGGEST opportunities and the LARGEST accounts – they would all be absolutely horrified if the word “SALES” ever appeared in their job title or (heaven forbid) on their business cards.

And who can blame them?

I’m willing to bet good money that they worked hard to get where they are now – they don’t want to be viewed simply as “the sales team” – externally they are seen as experts in their field, trusted advisers to their client base.

But that can cause a MASSIVE headache for anyone running the business – because if that group of people are responsible for driving sales or hitting the annual targets, then their view on sales skills can become extremely damaging (and career threatening) – not to mention the dramatic effect it will eventually have on the bottom line.

So, if that rang any bells with you – then you’ll be delighted to discover that we’ve just finished putting together a series of emails built specifically to help people who feel exactly the same way.

Topics we cover include:

  • What it takes to build a steady sales pipeline

  • The single reason so many business opportunities are lost (and what to do about it)

  • How to effectively close a sale and gain customer commitment

  • Why understanding the buying motives of your largest prospects can clinch the deal

  • How to overcome all the major customer objections – including pricing

  • And the negotiation secrets of professional buyers

Unlike other seemingly similar courses, this free email series wasn’t created to attract the “Wolf of Wall Street” lovers out there or the “Apprentice” hopefuls.

This is for people who are experts in their specialist sector – it’s not for the knock and run sales hopefuls who think everything can be achieved with a couple of clever phrases or the minimal amount of effort.

I’ve worked with hundreds of specialist industries – and I know exactly what works and what doesn’t – and also how people (just like you) need that information delivered.

And I’ve put all that experience into this free email series.

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