Overcoming Objections – #2 Apathy


All Sales Objections fall into one of four camps.

And because they stopped the flow of a wonderful running sales conversation – I’ve named those four problems DAMS.

The second one – the A in DAMS – stands for APATHY.

Apathy is when someone doesn’t want to change –  when they’re happy with their current supplier.

So I want you to think of Apathy as Comfort vs Discomfort.

You have to realise – when your prospect or customer is buying from someone else – that quality, price and service are all playing important roles – but the fear of discomfort and change is where the real objection is buried.

Let me set up a scenario for you.

Think back to your last job – just before you decided you wanted to move – back when you were happy and content with where you worked and with all the people at the company.

I’ll bet – when you were happy – that you never went home at the weekend and said;

“You know – FOR FUN – I’m going to polish up my CV.”

Nobody Does that.

What actually happens is, you get slightly unhappy with something – you think you should be paid more, got looked over for a promotion or something and – eventually after a period of ever growing discomfort and personal unrest – you open up your CV – look at it – and you go;

”Oh God. How did I get my last job with that.”

You  make a couple of changes and then you close it again and you say to yourself;

“Work can’t be that bad. I’ll go back and give them another try.”

And you carry on like that until you really feel that you HAVE TO change.

So you brush up your CV – and then you have to find another actual position – so you apply for jobs.

And they don’t write back to you.

So you apply for some more jobs – and you get some interviews – and you get turned down.

And then eventually you get a new job.

But I don’t think I’d call any of that FUN.

Change takes a huge amount of momentum – change is littered with pain and failure.

So, how do you overcome apathy?

How do you create that momentum?

You overcome apathy by understanding this next sentence;

What’s the single thing these people desperately need – but that they don’t even know exists?


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