The Only Things Your Customers Want to Buy

Many experts on the subject will tell you that – in times of doubt and financial insecurity – the thing that customers will turn to is the reassurance and comfort of – “A BRAND”

And – with that in mind – they’ll also advise you that, at times like this, you really should be getting YOUR OWN PERSONAL BRAND in order.

Actually – if you dig a bit deeper – what people actually depend on in times of doubt and financial insecurity are products and services that they believe they can TRUST – a foundation – a place of sure footing where they can obtain recognisable (or at least perceived) VALUE.

In every part of our lives, we decide who gets to help us based on those two parameters;

Trust and Value

Yes the help has to be affordable – within our budget – but in every category of choice you will build up a small circle of trusted partners.

You see – you don’t buy those corn flakes for breakfast for the logo on the box – they’re a purchase built on trust and your good or bad experiences with the other options – mixed with a belief that the cost (whether that’s more or less expensive than the others) is somehow justified.

And to go even deeper – how about that friend who you’d turn to for help in your desperate hour of need – the one who’d pick up the phone at 3.00am and react without a second’s thought.

You probably know who that is for you – because people like that, well – there are only ever a few in any person’s circle of acquaintances.

The person you trust – the one whose friendship you value

So, if you want to get your personal, professional brand in order – the first thing you need to do is make sure people trust you.

Best way I’ve found to ensure that happens is – to understand what people have difficulty trusting about the industry in which you operate – and then build the opposite of that into everything you do.

Secondly, you need to work on value.

You need to recognise what it is that your current customers find valuable about what you offer – or more importantly where your prospects find value (not cheapness or less expensiveness) with your competition – and then begin to work that into the very fabric of your delivery.

Every BRAND is the child of TRUST and VALUE – take either of those parents away and the brand will quickly appear sad, weak and spoilt.

As someone said not so long ago – this current economic climate could be viewed as austerity – or – as a lesson in learning to live within our means.

If your customers are having to learn to live within their means – desperate not to waste even a single penny – then they’re all probably looking for a supplier who they can trust – and someone who adds easily recognisable value to every single transaction.

Not Historical – Not Cheap – Not Easy


The question is – Does That Describe Your Company?

And more importantly – Does That Describe You?


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