Overcoming Objections – #1 Drawbacks


All Sales Objections fall into one of four camps.

And because they stopped the flow of a wonderful running sales conversation – I’ve named those four problems DAMS.

The first one – the D in DAMS – stands for Drawbacks.

Drawbacks are things that you can’t do.

I want you to think of Drawbacks as a set of scales.

Imagine that through great questioning, you find out what people need, and then scale that out with how important the thing that you can’t do is.

Let me explain.

Let’s say, you want a red car and I only sell blue cars, but through our conversation, I found out that you wouldn’t mind – Wi-Fi – together with air conditioning and a sunroof would be nice.

Now – now that I’ve discovered those things, if those things actually outweigh your need for your car to definitely be red one – then we’ll have a great conversation.

However, if you said well those all sound nice, but my car really has to be red.

You’re not my customer. That’s just the way that goes.

So, to overcome DRAWBACKS

The things that your product or service can’t supply or provide

You need to uncover genuine customer needs that you CAN deliver on – and then use those as individual weights to outweigh and minimize the thing that you can’t do.


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