The Customer Attracting LinkedIn Article Template

How to Attract Your Perfect Customer Without Even Speaking to Them

In business, there’s nothing more worrying than when it suddenly goes quiet.  

If new business has dried up and there’s no hope of that “out of the blue” phone call to help you hit target – then you need something that will enable you to widen your reach.  

That’s why we created our LinkedIn Article Template, to help our clients attract their ideal prospects.  

You see, I’m well aware that trying to turn words into effective marketing copy is a tough ask for someone who isn’t used to doing it. 

Especially if you’ve now got the added pressure of your livelihood depending on it.  

On top of that, putting yourself out there for everyone to see, takes courage – sure, there’s a pride issue – but you also don’t want to damage your company or professional image either.  

‘Cos done wrong – writing on LinkedIn could very easily turn out to be the complete opposite of business building.  

There are two types of article that make up the majority of content.  

First, you get the boring; “woo hoo – look at our new widget”    post, which only ever ends up getting a like from Doreen in accounts and a comment from someone in another continent who bizarrely includes a link to a Mongolian pencil factory.  

And then you get the; “helpful factual”   article,   which was written with the best of intentions, but is just a thinly disguised 300 word advert – and essentially only ever attracts tyre kickers or credit risks.  

If you attended our recent LinkedIn Article Foundation Webinar, you would have heard me talk about who we should be targeting and how to catch their interest.

But what you need now is compelling content and a proven structure to keep them reading right to the end – and then to make sure they take action.

So, I’ve put together a step by step guide, where I take you through the writing process and we create an article together that will start to attract your perfect prospects and clients.  

These are small group, online workshops – and they’re taking place in just a couple of days – be great if you could join us.

All the best