Overcome Every Sales Objection


This quick vid contains absolute sales gold. Here’s why…

Most people tend to approach objections in 1 of 3 ways – none of which have a very positive effect.

When prospects or customers raise a sales object most people either – Argue; Agree: or Apologise – with them, trying to convince them that they’re wrong.

The customer says; “You’re too expensive!”
The salesperson responds with; “No, we’re not!”

The customer says; “Your quality isn’t good enough!”
And the salesperson feels a need to justify themselves and defend their company by saying something like; “Yes, it is. Let me show you!”

The things is – the most effective way to handle a sales objective is with a completely different approach – there’s a fourth option.

Because when people raise a sales objection, there is something behind the objection that you don’t yet know.

All you’re doing is battling with your CURRENT perception of the objection.

If you follow the advice in this short vid – you’ll end up overcoming every genuine objection, while converting opportunities that the rest of your industry – and particularly your competition – didn’t even know existed.


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This one-day workshop was designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive introduction to the Selling with EASE process and to show how a thorough understanding of the four major steps – Earn the Right, Ask the Appropriate Questions, Solve the Problem and Execute the Solution – can help them to succeed in all genuine sales situations.

This interactive workshop is perfect for any salespeople who need to hit the ground running or anyone requiring a comprehensive sales “refresher”

In short – If your job remit requires you to convert sales meetings into profitable business relationships – then this workshop is the one for you.

At the end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Explain why customers make the buying decisions and how they choose suppliers
  • Understand why your current pitch isn’t the solution to your prospects problem
  • Explain why setting yourself two different outcome targets to each call can lead to success every time
  • Demonstrate a high level of consultative questioning techniques
  • Use real life examples and case studies to sell concepts and solutions
  • Effectively overcome all genuine objections
  • Understand – and execute – the process of closing every sale opportunity

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