Strategic Key Account Management

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The step from pure sales to competent account management can be a little daunting for some and rarely fully understood by most.

Therefore, empowering individuals to change their mind-set from sales account managers to free thinking commercial entrepreneurs, requires an even greater leap out of their comfort zone.

Knowing how to keep in contact with the real decision makers, taking on competitors of all shapes and sizes, recognising opportunities that others miss, fully understanding buyer motives and then maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction while creating long-term relationships – these are the foundations of success for all those who need to acquire, grow and then retain strategic account customers.

Throughout this one-day workshop we work our way through various types of Account Portfolio Analysis (80/20; Growth, Static, Decline etc), and separate our portfolios accordingly.

Delegates will also be asked to create SMART Objectives for an individual account of their choice and then – using their own customers as case studies – we establish how these ‘best practice’ principles can be applied to managing their own accounts moving forward.

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1 Day Masterclass Delegate Rate:

£450 (£375 +VAT)

At this end of this workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the different mind-set required to move from a pure sales role into a strategic account management position
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of their entire portfolio & where opportunities lie
  • Recognise how to make the best use of their valuable time
  • Discuss methods customers might use to rate suppliers
  • Produce Business Plans for chosen accounts that identify why they are worth developing, how to develop them and with what resources
  • Develop creative but practical solutions
  • Create impact and embed themselves as a trusted, primary supplier in a long-term, profitable relationship

Learning & Behavioural Outcomes



Start the process and make progress

Start with the end in mind

All opportunities are equal

 My time is spent where it has the greatest impact 

It’s just the next step

I recognise what’s required 



I manage it how I’m measured

 I constantly deliver more than was expected 

If you’d like to join me for the next one – just confirm your place at the link below

1 Day Masterclass Delegate Rate:

£450 (£375 +VAT)