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Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team


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Welcome to the Sales Leadership Masterclass!

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of effective team management and elevate your sales team’s performance to unprecedented heights?

Look no further. Our one-day Sales Leadership Masterclass is meticulously designed to empower sales managers like you to lead with confidence, drive motivation, and achieve remarkable results.

This transformative one-day event designed exclusively for individuals just like you – dedicated sales directors, managers and supervisors aiming to help their teams achieve more than anybody thought possible.

In this intensive workshop, we delve deep into the core principles of effective leadership, equipping you with invaluable tools to inspire, manage, and achieve unparalleled success within your sales team.


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Why Choose Our Sales Leadership Masterclass?

At our Sales Leadership Masterclass, we focus on the FAME management process, a proven methodology encompassing four essential pillars:

1. Focus: Define Clear Goals and Direction

Discover the real role of a manager and learn how to set precise goals that align with your business vision. Gain insights into steering your team toward success with unwavering focus.

2. Accountability: Be a Role Model and Define Responsibilities

Understand how to define responsibilities effectively and lead by example. Shape your team’s culture through responsible leadership and helping the team to recognise what they are truly responsible for.

3. Motivation: Understand and Drive Different Personality Types

Dive deep into the psyche of your team members. Grasp the key motivators influencing diverse personality types. Unleash unparalleled motivation that propels your team toward excellence.

4. Education: Coach Effectively and Foster Continuous Improvement

Master the art of coaching. Implement robust coaching strategies, conduct impactful reviews, and champion the need for continuous improvement within your team.

What You’ll Learn

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll acquire invaluable skills that enable you to:

  • Effectively share your business vision with your team.
  • Develop team goals rooted in your vision.
  • Manage your time efficiently as a team manager.
  • Motivate staff by understanding their driving forces.
  • Challenge your team meaningfully and effectively.
  • Coach your team with precision.
  • Conduct staff discipline professionally and legally.

Who Should Attend?

This Sales Management Masterclass is tailored for seasoned managers, newly appointed leaders, and supervisors managing sales teams. If you aspire to grasp the fundamentals of effective management, enhance your leadership skills, and drive your team’s success, this masterclass is your catalyst for growth.

  • Sales Directors: Enhance your leadership skills and transform your team’s performance.
  • Recently Appointed Managers: Get a comprehensive introduction to successful management techniques.
  • Team Supervisors: Understand the principles of good management practice.

Workshop Details

Duration: 1 Day (09:30 – 16:45)
Workshop Delegate Rate: £450 (£375.00 + VAT)

Delegate Rate Includes:

  • Comprehensive Course Manual: A detailed guide to reinforce your learning.
  • Course Materials: Tools and resources essential for effective team management.
  • Buffet Lunch: Energising meals to fuel your day.
  • Tea and Coffee Services: Unlimited servings to keep you refreshed.
  • Post-Workshop Support: Access to unlimited email and telephone support from your course leader, ensuring your ongoing success.

Real Results, Real Testimonials

Our masterclass has garnered acclaim from professionals across diverse industries:

  • “Exceptional training, packed with techniques and processes with excellent delivery. I would highly recommend any professional sales person and sales manager to get in touch with Chris. Thank you, Chris Murray, for a superb day!”Joanna Hitchings, Senior Specialist – L3Harris Technologies
  • “A whole new outlook on how to motivate and achieve targets. Chris knows his stuff, if you haven’t booked in already, get it done.”Jamie O’Neill, New Business Manager – Atlantic Capital Markets
  • “Brilliant for me and such a recommended day for anybody who either manages a team or is looking for that next step into People Management.”Neil Upton, Key Account Manager – Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company
  • “Sales Management explained in a simple, thoughtful, and relaxed way while challenging misconceptions you’ve carried for years.”Trevor Campbell, Sales Manager – Ultratape

About Chris Murray and Lucrum House Group

Your masterclass will be led by Chris Murray, an acclaimed international speaker, author, and business coach.

Hailed by the Sales Innovation Expo as ‘The World’s Number One Sales Coach,’ Chris has empowered global businesses like Aggreko, SKY, Pearson, and Carlsberg with his expertise.

His bestselling books, including Selling with EASE and The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club, have inspired professionals worldwide.

Lucrum House Group, a trailblazing training and development organisation, stands as the driving force behind this masterclass. Specialising in tailored and bespoke programs, we provide comprehensive business solutions rooted in real-world applicability.

Join us for the Sales Leadership Masterclass in London, where theory meets practice, and inspiration transforms into action. Elevate your sales team to unparalleled heights. Book your spot today and embark on a journey toward managerial excellence.


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Still not sure if this masterclass is right for you?


(click on preferred city for full details)

Still not sure if this masterclass is right for you?


(click on preferred city for full details)

Still not sure if this masterclass is right for you?


(click on preferred city for full details)

FAQ’s About Leading a Successful and Effective Sales Team

How can I motivate my sales team effectively?

Motivating your sales team involves understanding individual drivers, setting clear goals, providing meaningful incentives, offering recognition for achievements, fostering a positive work environment, and providing ongoing training and support.

What are the best strategies for hiring top-performing salespeople?

Utilise a thorough recruitment process, including targeted job postings, structured interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. Look for candidates with a track record of success, strong communication skills, resilience, and a customer-centric mindset.

How can I ensure consistent performance from my sales team?

Consistency in performance stems from effective coaching and feedback, setting realistic targets, regular performance evaluations, providing necessary resources and tools, and maintaining open communication channels.

What role does sales training play in developing a high-performing team?

Sales training is essential for equipping team members with product knowledge, sales techniques, objection handling skills, and industry insights. Continuous training ensures that salespeople stay updated on market trends and sharpen their abilities.

How do I handle underperforming sales team members?

Address underperformance promptly through constructive feedback, coaching, and development plans tailored to individual needs. Establish clear expectations, provide support, and offer opportunities for improvement while being prepared to take decisive action if necessary.

What metrics should I use to measure sales team performance?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rates, sales velocity, average deal size, pipeline health, and customer satisfaction provide valuable insights into sales team performance. Choose metrics aligned with organisational goals and regularly track progress.

How can I foster collaboration among sales team members?

Encourage collaboration through team-building activities, sharing best practices, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, and leveraging technology for communication and collaboration. Recognise and reward teamwork to reinforce desired behaviours.

What strategies can I implement to improve sales team productivity?

Implement sales enablement tools, streamline processes, prioritise tasks, eliminate unnecessary administrative burdens, provide effective sales support, and encourage time management techniques to boost productivity.

How do I create a positive sales culture within my team?

Foster a culture of trust, transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. Recognise achievements, celebrate successes, promote a healthy work-life balance, and cultivate a supportive environment where team members feel valued and empowered.

What are the best practices for managing remote sales teams?

Establish clear expectations and communication protocols, leverage virtual collaboration tools, provide ongoing support and feedback, encourage regular check-ins, and foster a sense of belonging through virtual team-building activities.

How can I effectively onboard new sales team members?

Develop a comprehensive onboarding program covering company culture, product training, sales processes, and tools. Assign mentors or buddies to facilitate integration, provide hands-on experience, and offer ongoing support during the initial ramp-up period.

What role does leadership play in driving sales team success?

Leadership sets the tone for the sales team by providing direction, inspiration, and support. Effective leaders lead by example, foster a positive work environment, empower their team, and make strategic decisions to drive performance and growth.

How do I handle conflicts within my sales team?

Address conflicts promptly and impartially, encourage open dialogue, and seek to understand underlying issues. Mediate discussions to find mutually acceptable resolutions, reinforce team cohesion, and prevent conflicts from escalating.

What strategies can I use to retain top sales talent?

Invest in professional development opportunities, offer competitive compensation packages, provide a clear path for career advancement, recognise and reward achievements, and foster a supportive and inclusive work culture.

15. How do I adapt my sales strategies to changing market conditions?

Stay agile and responsive to market dynamics by monitoring industry trends, gathering customer feedback, and adjusting sales strategies accordingly. Encourage innovation, experimentation, and collaboration to stay ahead of the competition.

What role does data analysis play in optimising sales performance?

Data analysis provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, sales trends, and performance metrics. Use data to identify opportunities for improvement, refine sales strategies, and make informed decisions to drive revenue growth.

How can I effectively communicate sales goals and expectations to my team?

Clearly define sales goals, targets, and expectations, ensuring alignment with overall business objectives. Communicate regularly through team meetings, one-on-one discussions, and written communications, providing clarity and context to foster buy-in and commitment.

18. How do I foster resilience and perseverance in my sales team?

Promote a growth mindset that views challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. Provide support during tough times, celebrate small victories, and lead by example, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.