Negotiation Skills

This set of workshops focus on the concept of increasing perceived value through negotiation and provides delegates with a practical set of techniques, skills and insights which they can apply to their daily negotiations, enabling them to create profitable and sustainable agreements.

Many negotiation workshops and courses take delegates through scenarios and techniques that can, at times, be a long way away from their actual real life requirements, delivering negotiating training that is little use in the real world of actual customer interaction.

We focus wholly on how to reconcile opposing positions without compromising their own interests, creating contracts that generate measurable benefit for the business, while ensuring we retain a long term relationship with each and every customer.

We introduce the framework for negotiation success and the concept of negotiating with the other sides point of view, followed by the importance of creating an anchoring position and how to put forward a negotiation range that is acceptable to both parties.

Throughout these negotiation workshops we explain the main tactics employed by professional buyers and negotiators to get their own way and then build towards a complete negotiation model with a mixture of exercises and examples.

So if your team would benefit from being able to; 

  • Make effective preparations before starting to negotiate
  • Set a negotiating range that they can work within
  • Follow a clear structure for negotiations that will help them focus and achieve results
  • Explain the differences between selling and negotiating
  • Negotiate with the aim of achieving mutually acceptable outcomes
  • Learn to set up their discussion so that they do not move towards agreement prematurely.
  • Avoid surrendering their position without getting something in return
  • Ensure that the negotiation is closed effectively so that all parties leave committed to the outcomes agreed

Then these workshops are definitely what you’ve been looking for.



“Everything has ground to a halt”

“I’ve organised everything to keep moving forward”

“I wasn’t ready for that”

 “I have an example of exactly that”

Start the process and hope for the best

Start with the end in mind

“I’ve done questioning techniques before, there’s nothing more to learn”

“There were different types of question I hadn’t realised I could use”

Customer is putting up a brick wall

Sales team uncover what motivated the reaction

“I know a few closing techniques”

The customer asks “How do we move forward?”

Each side needs to win

 Sales team shows how both can achieve success

“That’s too expensive”

The cost of making the wrong decision is too high

 “I know what I need to achieve” 

“I know how to achieve it”

Give away to move forward

Exchange for mutual gain

Loose structure 

Clear structure 

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