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Why Being “Sold To” is Like ….. Waiting for an Operation

So there I was, sitting nervously with a small overnight bag, lovingly packed by my kids, as they waved me off, staring out of the window from the passenger seat, hoping that children couldn’t smell the fear of a grown

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The 3 People I Will Never Work With

If you’re involved in any kind of new business development or sales, then I would always recommend that you spend some time working out the profile of your Perfect Prospect. Trouble is, it takes a lot more effort than most

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New Year’s Resolution? You Need a Bit of 80’s Rock

If you want to really make a difference over the next 12 months, I reckon there’s only one New Year’s Resolution you’ll ever really need. According to Time Magazine, the top 10 most popular (and most broken) New Year’s Resolutions

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What Do You Need to Become to Ensure You Attract Success Next Year?

I have a friend who tells me how his two kids have completely opposite view points on life. He describes it this way; My son is focused on the here and now – no interest in the possibility of what

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The Salesman Who Couldn’t See What Was Inside the Empty Christmas Box

A successful businessman recently told me that he thought far too many of his salespeople were approaching prospects with a ready-made set of expectations, beliefs and paradigms – and that even the most experienced were missing out on new business

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Attracting Success is as Easy as Booking a Holiday

I don’t know how long you spent organising, saving, searching and planning for your next 10 days on holiday – but I wonder if it’s comparable with the time you’ve spent preparing for how successful you intend to become over

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