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The Main Reason Sales Training Works Brilliantly – or Simply Crashes & Burns

Marketing guru Perry Marshall tells a great story regarding the reasons why the Wright Brothers succeeded in getting off the ground, while so many others came crashing down to earth. You see, the reason that Orville and Wilbur Wright were the

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Learn to Sell Lemonade and You Can Sell Anything

So, this weekend, my ten year old daughter decides to set up a lemonade stand at the front of the house as her first commercial enterprise. To be fair, she’s been nagging me to help her do it for over

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Sales Lessons that 10 Year-Olds Already Know

While waiting to pick my own kids up from school last week, I found myself in a corridor reading a large laminated set of rules hanging on the wall, and I had to share it. There is a book you

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How to Spot the Ineffective Salespeople in Your Team (And What to Do Once You Have)

Could there be some members of your sales team who are simply “Miming in the Choir”? I know it sounds like an odd question – but the phrase “miming in the choir” sums up much of the “active inactivity” that

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The 4 Types of Sales Objection (& how to overcome them)

Contrary to popular belief, prospects aren’t sitting in darkened rooms trying to invent new, more fiendish objections for you to supply answers to. If a prospect has a real need for your product or service, then what they require is

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How to Manage 4 Groups Found in Every Team

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every salesperson we ever hired turned out to be incredibly good value for money – while constantly displaying the effort, attitude and skill set of a truly superstar sales pro? It’s been my experience that

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6 Excuses Salespeople Really Need to Stop Using

Sales meetings are an absolute dream when everything’s going well. But if you’ve ever managed a team who started to fall behind on their promises or began to miss targets – you’ll recognise the smoke screen of well worn (and often recurring) excuses in a

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How to Coach Your Sales Team to Success

Most managers don’t have the time to catch up with every member of their team on a regular basis or fit in a bit of one-to-one coaching – and when they do – it’s usually the “I need you to go in

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