What Sales Prospects Need is a Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most infuriating things about modern life, is that nobody ever seems to want to help.

Stress Depression Sleepless Qulaity

You must feel it too sometimes.
  • The guy who’s in too much of a rush to let you out of that junction (would it kill you to leave a space?)
  • The time you needed a bit of customer service, but the customer service desk was clearly the wrong place to look for it
  • At work, when you needed someone from another department to drop in a good word to get you that promotion – but they were too busy to remember.
And this reality is one that buyers – customers and prospects – recognise more acutely than anyone else.

Those prospects – the successful business people you called on last week – did you know that they often spend time, almost every day actually, wishing that someone would just make their lives a little easier, to shine a little light down a seemingly endless tunnel, take some weight off their shoulders.

Do you know why?

Because nobody EVER does!

Those people might look brave and bold – hey, it’s part of their DNA, their personality types – but, on the whole, you’ll find that’s just a mask hiding a gritty reality.

  • The boss who’ll break her back trying to keep the balance of pleasing both customers and staff;
  • The small business owner who spends every day trying to keep a roof over his family’s heads and continue to help pay the mortgages of everyone he employees;
  • The CEO who wakes up at 3.00am worrying about problems that no one else in her organisation even realises exist.
  • The head of the purchasing department who has nothing ground-breaking or new to present next quarter to a waiting boardroom

And yet, every single day, some schmuck walks in or rings up, with the sole aim of trying to take some money off them.

Without fail, everyday, a sales person will desperately try and flog a $50 box that isn’t required and wasn’t asked for – and after the box is politely declined, they’ll try a sure-fire, never-fail closing technique to win them over.

And the reason it just feels like bad selling – is because that’s what it is.

No one ever tries to solve a problem or scratch an itch – they just want to sell you stuff.

No one ever comes in with the purpose of making your job easier – they just need to show you the new presentation.

No one ever tries to help you make a great buying decision – they’re just hoping that this box is what you’re looking to buy today

So, if you want to stand out from the majority of sales people – you simply need to start understanding why people buy your stuff and then work out how it helps.

From the word go, you should try to help – selling should become a bi-product of helping, not the other way round – at Varda Kreuz we call it Earning the Right

Once they know you’re there to help, you’ve got to be ready to accurately diagnose the problem, and present the solution in such a way that they can follow every particle of your explanation – and then you deliver the original promise – and you help them.

No one else is doing that – no one else wants to do that – no one else cares enough to do that.

Let your competition continue carrying in that $50 box – you, my friend, are walking in holding the answer to your prospects sleepless nights.


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