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Why Don’t Sales People Show a Little More Initiative?

On a fairly regular basis, sales managers and business owners tell me that what they really need is a sales team that’s much more entrepreneurial – they desperately want their salespeople to show a little more initiative towards their problems and opportunities. One

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A Business Fairy Tale – The Sales King

Once upon a time there was a Sales King. The Sales King had two beautiful daughters who gave him great joy, they were called Prospect and Customa. Great fortunes were spent on them and many songs were sung. One night

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Salesman Bob and the Sales-Gym Treadmill

Salesman Bob has just renewed his membership at the “Sales Gym” for the New Year. He’s decided that he wants to get himself ready for the testing times ahead – healthy, wealthy and thinking like a champion. All the members

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A Member of My Sales Team Was Lap Dancing When She Should Have Been Selling

Peppered across the sales teams of my management career, there have been one or two salespeople who flagrantly abused my trust – spending their time on a variety of activities throughout the working day, rather than on the job we actually paid

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